Roping in My Cousin to the World of Fitness – Challenge for New Year

Ahhh! My first “aha” moment since I started to consciously welcome fitness and healthy eating into my life has arrived! I have convinced my older cousin to workout with me. It really is a eureka moment for me.  My family is not as gung ho about fitness as I am, although I am always dropping hints. Motivating someone else has always been a challenge. Now comes the hard part; making her stick to a schedule and fight through the walls, plateaus and bad weather that’s sure to come around.

But, whatever the case, I am ready to face this challenge. I hope that as we work together we will feed off each other; motivating ourselves to new heights. (And maybe other members of our family as well). Usually I workout alone; so having someone beside me will be a new experience for me. I’m hoping to change not only our bodies, but also our minds.

Look forward to my future updates on how this all goes down in the new year!


Almond Butter Time!

I love almond butter! It’s so smooth, naturally sweet and does not have an overpowering smell like peanut butter. Making it from scratch is unbelievably simple. Here are the steps:

1. Roast almonds on a baking sheet for about 6 min. (Be careful not to burn them).

2. Let them cool for 5 min.

3. Place them in a food processor and blend away for 10 minutes! The result: smooth ambrosia!

Stereotyping Myself

I used to do this all the time, unbeknownst to myself, of course. How is that possible, you ask? Okay. Let me set the scene for you. Growing up, I admit, I was a bookworm. There was no other pleasure I indulged in more than rushing home from school, finishing my homework and curling up in my room with the spoils of my recent trip to the public library. (Only after a college literature course on escapism did I realize that that’s what I was engaging in during my tweens). Hey, I don’t blame my 11-year-old self. The middle child of a rowdy family, I found solace and adventure as I wielded my way through the binded pages of a new book in my hands. For once, I was the protagonist, the heroine, the main character of my story and the guardian of my imaginary fortress.

Then came middle school. Do I have to say more? Raging hormones and biological maturity aside, I still thought I was the eager word-hungry child I was before. And I was, to an extent. Only now, I wasn’t completely oblivious to how other people saw me. It was a time when every teacher on the face of the earth (yes, I thought the world revolved only around my universe) lectured about peer pressure and how to overcome it. Truth be told, I was ambivalent on this subject. It seemed like everyone was worrying for no reason. If a person had a group of core friends whom they knew, liked and understood them, why would they ever be trapped in a web of low self-esteem and anxiousness?

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Update on Green & Clean Eating

Day 1 of Clean Eating went by without a hitch. It mostly consisted of an increased heaping of kale and cucumbers (what I presently have in my fridge. I’ll post the pics later.) Unfortunately, I did succumb to eating carbs at dinner time. The crunch of a toasted piece of wheat bread is an addiction I’m trying to wean myself from, but one that is not letting go of me easily.

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