Morning Musings…Gearing up for the Lenten Season

ImageGlancing out of my window and what do I see? Blue, blue skies.

It’s December and, for me, that means Lent! I remember when the idea of abstaining from meat and eggs used to make me cringe and wish that time machines were real so that I could joyfully skip those torturous days.  Fast forward to 2011 where I’m now a vegetarian and semi-vegan (if such a thing exists), these worries cannot haunt me anymore.

Thus, I’ve taken it upon myself to commit to a different type of Lent; one that does not eschew but permits. If there was ever a word to describe something I vigorously disdain it would be “Yoga.”  Sure I’ve practiced a few poses here and there; grasped the essence of meditation and the movement of the breath; but I could never really get into the craze. It seemed to me, and still seems, slow, boring and really hard to do.  So I want to use this December to challenge myself to practice yoga every day.  Uggh. Just writing that sentence out was a drag. How am I going to accomplish this? Wish me luck!

Anyway, I’ve been contemplating on using this December to set some end of the year resolutions. (More on this in the next post).

On another note, here’s what I had for breakfast in the morning: The b-fast of Champions, Oatmeal! If there’s one thing I’m definitely hooked on these days, it’s homemade almond butter. Feast your eyes on this creamy, smooth ambrosia.

                                                                     Steel Cut Oats, Almond Milk, Almond Butter, Apricot Jam, Dried Cranberries, Ground Flaxseed and a Dash of Cinnamon

Day 2 #Runstreak: 20 min. incline interval running on treadmill,

17 min. YogaJournal workout, TIU 50 Lunges every hr. challenge: 12 pm to 6 pm

Actually felt good after yoga, but running was a struggle.



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