Mental Monday

Though I’d like to say that I’m gung-ho about fitness every day of the week; every time Monday rolls around, my head sings a different tune.  Maybe its because the start of the work week brings responsibilities to see through and to-do lists to check off, but whatever the case I have a really bad aversion to get psyched about moving around on Mondays.

So its at times like these I rely on the support and motivation of others.  One of my go to resources is of course the talented and intellectual pair of trainers that make up ToneItUp. Their “Motivation Monday” newsletters spark an interest in me to just get by body up and moving.  Their videos and at home DVDs make it easy for anyone to follow along and complete a workout with noticing the passage of time.

Fitness magazines and their corresponding websites help a bunch also.  I use whatever source out there to stimulate my mind and turn on the fitness ready mode. Some days are easier than others; for me, the weather plays a big role in this as well (If its sunny, I’m more likely to warm up to the idea of a run or a toning wkout). Today is a foggy day here, but I’m making do with exercising indoors in my toasty room.  Hope everyone out there finds a way to get their workouts in, whether you are battling for it or not.

Day 5 of 25 Days of Lenten Fitness: Yoga, TIU Shape and Tone DVD, #Runstreak for 30 min.





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