Ode to the Grapefruit

How can I begin to profess my love for this delectable orange orb?

Who can resist the Siren-like call of its scent as the rind opens to uncover the gleam of the ripe ruby?

Where does it’s attraction lie?

Is it within the tart taste receptors of my tongue?

The subtly sweet aftertaste?

The waft of it’s essential oil chasing away the hunger pangs sent from my stomach?

How pleasant it is to bring a segment into the contours of my mouth and feel my taste buds rejoice at the complexity of taste.

To sink the porcelain of my canines into the lush vesicles,

juices flowing down

to simultaneously satiate my thirst and hunger.

To the God who created this hesperidium,

I bow down in wonder, awe and thanks.


Day 9 of 25 Days of Lenten Fitness: 17 min. Yoga; 2 miles run




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Jumping at the chance to live vicariously through my world's stage.

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