Welcoming the Cold Breeze on my Bike.

Winter seems to be stating its arrival as temps dip under 40 Fahrenheit here.  I doubt I’ll be running outside until spring breaks through, though I did go for an afternoon bike ride with the sun shining brilliantly on my back.   The cool air really jolts you awake, had you been sleepy or tired before.

I love the feeling of cruising down slight inclines, feeling the air rushing into my lungs. It makes me feel alive, energized and ready to face the road ahead without any trepidations.  Don’t you also love the feeling of the cold air numbing your cheeks while making you naturally blush? Maybe I’m the only one, but hey, I like what I like and I’m not about to deny it.  (I’m aware that its’ mostly dry air, so don’t worry, I’m extra careful about moisturizing in the winter!)

Trying to climb up steep inclines is another story.  I’ve been reading up on how to tackle hills on a bike, and I’m just as confused as ever.  Some suggest interval training; some suggest mental training (imagine you’re as light as a feather or a cloud and leave the rest to the power of your legs).  For me, it’s both a battle of wills both physical and mental. I definitely don’t have the legs for climbing the litter of hills on each block of my neighborhood just yet.  But I do know I’ve definitely improved my stamina and power by my running regimen.  Case and point: this summer I could barely ride for 2 minutes up slight inclines and now, these inclines are just flat roads that need an extra juice of power from my legs.  My body has adapted so far and I’m sure it will keep doing so as long as I keep challenging it.

I hope to keep riding as much as possible before snow and ice settles in.  Wish me luck! Hope everyone is challenging themselves with new things everyday!

Day 10 of 25 Days of Lenten Fitness: 1 hr. bike ride; 20 min. Yoga; 1 mile jogging #Runstreak




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