Update on Green & Clean Eating

Day 1 of Clean Eating went by without a hitch. It mostly consisted of an increased heaping of kale and cucumbers (what I presently have in my fridge. I’ll post the pics later.) Unfortunately, I did succumb to eating carbs at dinner time. The crunch of a toasted piece of wheat bread is an addiction I’m trying to wean myself from, but one that is not letting go of me easily.

My lunch and dinner for the next few days will look like this:

Pumpkin and Dal Soup w/ Chickpea Curry + 1 Scoop of Spelt/ Barley + a side of greens + kimchi

My mum cooked these delicious dishes on Sunday and I am the blessed recipient!

My stamina and threshold for yoga is on the rise daily. Today I focused just on abs and boy, were they burning. A new DVD is a great challenge and motivation. Right now I’m practicing w/ Bob Harper in my living room and it is intense! Though he is focusing on each move, I sense a different feeling from his type of yoga and the type that focuses on movement, breath and being one with calmness and serenity. Maybe it’s just the ambience of being in a room with the Biggest Loser trainer talking into my ear versus the sound of waves crashing against a sandy beach; but, whatever the case, I’m digging both versions. Really, I see myself only gaining. Different persepctives can uncover hidden potentials and hidden treasures, and hopefully, that’s where I’m headed.

Day 12 of 25 Days of Lenten Fitness: 1 mile run; 1hr. Yoga w/ Bob Harper Yoga for the Warrior DVD

黛安娜 다이아나 ഡയാന


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