Happy New Year! & The Belt of Orion

Another year gone by and another year full of anxieties, hopes, wishes and goals. Hope everyone out there will have a prosperous new year! I’m hoping to tackle my weaknesses this year in an ongoing effort to become a stronger person.

Update on my Yoga Challenge: After 31 days of daily practice I think it’s now safe for me to proclaim that I not only like yoga, but that it is an addiction I’m willing to indulge in.  The afterglow effects after an especially good sweat session is truly a rewarding experience.  Following the movement of heat and the flow of my breath has now become second nature to me and is the cornerstone of my daily meditation routines. From here on out I hope to learn, experience and thrive through my practice.

The year ahead is going to be one filled with new experiences; one being my sister’s wedding.  Even though I’m not the one getting hitched, I admit I’m truly nervous and anxious to see our family heading into a new and mature direction.  But, as I’ve learned this past year, welcoming change is the way to go; so I’m crossing my fingers and praying for the best. I hope I’m ready to deal with Bridezilla!

The winter night skies are extremely clear and twinkling these days.  Go ahead and look up, why don’t you? I love seeking out the constellation Orion, especially the three stars that make up The Belt of Orion. It reminds me of my middle school days of learning Earth Science; an extremely happy and mellow memory for me. Nostalgia just keeps on creeping up on me this holiday season.  Let’s all stick to happy memories and positive thoughts as we move on forward this year.


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