I have a cold.

I love everything about the winter season except for the traveling cold and influenza viruses.   I don’t get sick often, but in a calendar year I know for sure I’ll get sick once in the winter and once in the summertime.  That is how my body’s circadian rhythm works and I’ve grown accustomed to it; somewhat.  Yet, it’s rare for me to come down with the sniffling and coughing this early in the winter season. So, I’ll lay all the blame on the numerous family gatherings and parties I attended this past holiday season.

What really surprised me about my cold this time around, assuming that’s what I’ve come down with, is that every day a new symptom arrived in the race to make me feel sicker and more uncomfortable as the days rolled by.  So, without further ado below is the play-by-play of my symptoms. Bear in mind that each symptom presented itself punctually; right at the moment I woke up everyday.

Day 1: Itchy throat. I knew this was the start of something unpleasant so I started brewing ginger tea with lemon and honey and drank it throughout the day; which helped soothe my throat but didn’t cure it.  

Day 2: Sore throat. I started gargling with warm water and salt every chance I got. It helped soothe my throat at the moment, but I still felt pain swallowing my saliva.

Day 3: Itchy cough plus sore throat.  Uggh…this was the worst symptom of all. No need to expand on how uncomfortable this was.

Day 4: Mucousal cough. My cough turned from a dry one to one that made me cough up mucous. Not pleasant.

Day 5: Finally I arrived at my worst enemy; a stuffed nose.

So that’s where I am right now hoping that my intake of herbal teas and citrus fruits will help me tide this sickness over.  I wonder if anyone out there has noticed how their symptoms worsen when they get sick. Maybe I have too much time on my hands…oh, well! Here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow.

黛安娜 다이아나 ഡയാന


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3 thoughts on “I have a cold.”

  1. I take Proancynol at a low dose every day (1 pill a day) and I seriously am never sick. When I used to get sick I’d take the regular dosage (2 pills per day) and it would knock out the sickness in 2 days. It boosts your immune system allowing it to kill viral, bacterial and fungal invaders. And it has an ingredient which they use for alcohol poisoning on emergency rooms and the function here is to flush out the dead cells once the other ingredients allow your body to attack them. It’s not expensive either. Even if you can’t get it in time to help this one, you’ll have it for next time around. If you have questions shoot me an email marie.todd@chrisbyrnesllc.com. Peace! Feel better. Oh yeah the link – http://www.proancynol.com

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