52 Degrees in January?!

Ahhh….unbelievable. It feels like spring outside. The birds were chirping happily, the sun brightly shared its warmth, and I actually ran outside again.  Is it only January? Somebody pinch me and tell me that this is a dream!

Yet, the warm breeze tells me that it is indeed reality. Though I do worry whether these peculiar and unexpected weather patterns are harmful for the earth in the future; I can’t help but enjoy the present. Although I can’t predict how the rest of winter will play out, I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind at all if it didn’t snow. Though snow has it’s own mesmerizing qualities; I am not a fan of shoveling out my driveway every other winer day. Not to mention, I abhor slush, sleet and ice.

It’s fascinating that I even like this autumn-like weather. I used to hate fall for a very superficial reason; I detested changing from light coat to medium coat to heavy coat as the temperatures fluctuated from 70 degrees to 50 degrees. Actually, that may have been because my eyes hadn’t opened to the world of fashion and the art of layering just yet. Oh, to be young and naive again, without a care in the world. 

Or maybe I like the brisk weather because it is a physical reminder that time doesn’t stop and life is constantly in a cycle of change and movement. You can see it in the colors of the leaves, the scurrying of squirrels searching for that last acorn, the nippy air as temperatures fall to the 50s and the early afternoon setting of the sun. Uggh…if this kind of reflection isn’t a sign of getting old, I don’t know what is. Well, that’s a can of worms I’ll open later.

There’s a sense of security, though, in the changes that fall brings. You know that no matter how bare the trees look, new buds will pop up in spring. It’s that promise of rebirth that I’m attracted to and that hope of new experiences to come. It’s a tad ironic that the changes of fall signifies a stable reminder that the cycle of life and re-birth continues; at least for me.
黛安娜 다이아나 ഡയാന


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