Another Warm & Smiley Day:)

More warm weather today…unexpectedly 60 degrees, if the weather widget on my desktop reads true. Of course, I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to bask in the warmth at my neighborhood park.  The sky was brightly periwinkle blue, the cumulus clouds as white as a sheep’s coat, and intriguingly, the ducks at the lake were all lazily drifting in close circles around each other; as if they couldn’t even believe that January could be this warm.

A couple of things caught my eye during my walk today.  I’ve walked and ran at the park many a time and never before have I seen more smiles and received more greetings than I did today.  Does it really only take peculiar weather to bring people out of their shells? I may be reading into this a bit. I mean, for all I know, everyone I met today could have already been happy, outgoing people. But, I think I can state with confidence that I was definitely drawn out of my shell.  I usually try to avoid looking at the faces of the people who pass by me on the paths, but today I was inclined to smile at everyone who crossed paths with me.  The weather had indeed made me happy first thing this morning, but really, to be on the receiving end of the smiles of strangers was a more blessed and special event for me. At least for that one second, they were thinking of me as I was thinking of them and wishing them well as they continued along.  All I needed was a simple “Good Afternoon” to add some pep to my walk; imagine what my smile could bring to people? Possibly bring peace to the world? Just joking, but hey, it’s a thought; one we should all contemplate on, I think.

Another thing I picked up on today was that I wasn’t the only lone walker out there today.  There were a handful of people enjoying the park solo.  I guess I never picked up on that when I run in the park because I’m so concerned with my pace, distance and how tired my legs feel at the moment.  But, walking out there amongst other contemplative soles, made me feel secure and protected somehow. We all shared a common bond at the single moment; when would we all share such an occasion again?  Something to think about, isn’t it? Of all the people we meet in this lifetime, of all the ones we recognize and never speak to, of all the ones we smile at or nod in greeting to, of the chosen few we speak to and the special ones we call our acquaintances, friends and family, I wonder if anyone’s days or lives have changed from a simple smile.

I should smile more often.

黛安娜 다이아나 ഡയാന


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