Man Tou

I love Asian desserts; but I never indulge in them. Since Lunar New Year began this week I thought of finally making some of the desserts I’ve only drooled about for years.  Bear in mind that I did not eat everything I made; just a couple was enough to satiate my appetite!  Here, I tried out a recipe for Steamed or Fried Buns w/ Sweet condensed milk.  I had this once as a starter in a Chinese restaurant.  It calls for a simple yeast dough. The light airy bread paired w/ a touch of sweetness is just as pleasing as sinking my teeth into a moist cupcake. If you are willing to open your taste buds and explore new textures and I think you’ll find it surprisingly scrumptious.
Steamed Man Tou
Fried Man Tou
Served w/ sweet condensed milk

黛安娜  다이아나  ഡയാന


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