Living in Memories.

The new year means new beginnings, new resolutions, new convictions and new experiences. For me though, at least for this year, the new year means I am one more year older; one more step closer to being grouped into the “adult” category.

Although I’ve already expressed this thought, I don’t mind stating it again: I loathe growing up.  If I were offered the chance to live in Never Never land as a teenager for the rest of my life; I wouldn’t hestitate to take it.

Sure I’d be devoid of the freedoms that come with the adult world. But really,  I actually find driving a car annoying.  Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on a hot summer day while a cloud of smog and haze obstruct my vision is not my idea of an adult luxury.

I’d much rather enjoy the ride in the passenger seat taking in the scenic views of the cars in the lane next to me; while bopping my head to music blasting from my iPod.

Plus, once you know how to drive, you unwilingly become the designated chauffer of the family. Trust me, I have run more errands driving my siblings to and fro than both my parents combined!

But, I digress.  As life unwillingly drives me forward; I willingly cling on to old memories. Its not that I long to live in the past (at least, I hope not). I just love to remember. Life was so simple back then. I was more happier; we all were.

I remember doing so much. I don’t think I do as much now; I’m just a clog in the machine- performing the responsibilites I’m supposed to do. 

Yet, what struck me as peculiar and bewildering is that the people I shared certain memories with don’t even remember certain events.  I mean is it too much to expect for my younger siblings to remember precious memories that I do, vividly?

Sure, sure. I’m aware that people remember differently.  And of course, most people only have memory stores from the time they were 5 or 6 years old.

In fact, I think its a shame that the people who share the same experiences can’t remember the memory with the same person. 

Time is really a mysterious concept. If I could save precious moments into a video file and play it (in real time) whenever I felt nostalgic, wouldn’t that be awesome?

For now, I take heart in the fact that at least one person remembers.  As long a the memory exist; so do the feelings, the experiences, the crying and the laughter. 

I hope more precious memories are waiting to be stored into my brain this year.

黛安娜  다이아나  ഡയാന


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