Craft #101

It was my little nephew’s birthday the other day and I decided to make some sweet treats for him to enjoy. But, what would I wrap them in?

I didn’t want to wrap them in plastic or buy a gift bag or box. So, I turned to the ‘net for some DIY paper gift box ideas…and I was hit with a smorgasbord of ideas!

Since I was strapped for time I chose a simple template and carried out the design, while adding a few of my own touches.

Materials needed:
1 Poster board -preferably a colored one
Scraps of colored paper for designs

I basically took the template and enlarged it…a dilation in math terms.










黛安娜 다이아나 ഡയാന

The First Sign of Growing Up: Changing your reading material to Non-fiction.

(Okay, I admit; the title is a bit long, but bear with me here).

I never thought that turning 18 made me an adult. As I’ve said before, I still felt like a teenager well into my early twenties.

But, I’ve stumbled upon a self-revelation that I simply must analyze and worry over.  My taste in reading material has changed, or should I say,  matured.

Where before I never ventured outside the realms of fiction and sci-fi, now I’m all about the newest autobiography, memoir or self-help book.

The change occurred while I was in college.  Being an English major meant I had tons of required reading material; prose after prose, quatrain after quatrain jammed into each semester.

I rarely had time to pursue leisurely reading material.  The rare time I actually perused a bookstore’s shelves was the night before a flight abroad; be it a study abroad venture or an overdue family vacation.

Oh, the pure joy of inhaling the aroma of freshly pressed pages bound tightly, pages in crisp perfection! Everyone should enjoy that pleasure at least once in their lifetime.

Then, reality struck. Vacations ended and whether I finished the book or not, it was placed in the back of the shelf while the front was packed with books for the upcoming semester. Continue reading The First Sign of Growing Up: Changing your reading material to Non-fiction.