Probiotic Enzyme Salad


Although I regularly make kimchi, Korean fermented cabbage, I wanted to give Kimberly Snyder’s Probiotic Enzyme Salad a try. Check out her book The Beauty Detox Solution or here for the recipe.

If you are looking to lead a more healthy lifestyle, I highly recommend reading up on this nutritionist’s do’s and don’ts’ of living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

1. Salt the shredded cabbage.

2. Pack a jar tightly, add filtered water.

3. Leave out @ room temperature to culture the probiotics.

4. Kimberly recommends eating 1/2 cup w/ dinner daily so as to aid digestion.

Shredded cabbage seasoned w/ sea salt.
Stuff a jar w/ your masterpiece, packing tightly so as to keep out as much air as possible.
Ferment for a few days @ room temp. and then refrigerate. Enjoy!



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2 thoughts on “Probiotic Enzyme Salad”

  1. Hi, i have just made this for the first time today but got a bit confused. After mixing the cabbage with the brine mixture I was left with lots of brine in the bowl so poured some over the cabbage in the jars. Do you know if this is correct or if the cabbage should just be coated in the brine? Any advice would be welcome and thanks for the recipe :))

    1. Hi SuD,

      You’re just supposed to fill in the water/brine to the level of the packed down cabbage and leave about two inches of air before closing the jar tightly. As it ferments, the juices will rise up, sometimes even to the top of the jar. I’ve made the mistake before of leaving only a little room and my brine has overflowed. Hope that helps and Happy Digesting!

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