Hummus Nori Rolls

Seaweed, the ones meant for sushi
Zucchini, roasted or cooked any way you like it
Carrots, julienne chopped
Mushrooms, cooked
Avocado, sliced
Hummus, mine was homemade so that I can limit the amount of salt added
Any other vegetable or filling you fancy

Take the seaweed and spread hummus as the base.

Line up the vegetables on one side.

Roll into a cylinder with the help of a sushi rolling mat.

Cut into bite sizes circular pieces and Enjoy!

I actually made this recipe when I ran out of rice but still craved a nori roll of some kind. I love the texture of the hummus and the taste is divine! The best part of it though is that there are no limits to what you can add to your roll. I love mixing it up with different vegetables like strips of red cabbage or julienne slices of sweet potato; it keeps my taste buds guessing.