Wanderlust Yoga Festival Review

I’m not an avid practitioner of yoga by any means. I do it when my body screams for release, resulting in some of the best yoga experiences I’ve had. Basically, I’m a flirt. I know what the experts say: Practice daily. But, that’s a hill to climb on another day. For now, the best my body can do is twice a week.

This weekend an opportunity  arose to practice yoga with fabulous experts, outside, under the blazing sun! For all the sun salutations I’ve been through, I realized that I had never taken my practice outdoors- with a group of like-minded people! So, I signed up and boy, am I glad I did.

Greeting the sun as you bask in it’s glow, feeling the gentle, cooling breeze brush your hair away from your face as you gently sink into chair pose while the instructors’ voices guide you to look to your inner self; it’s incredible. I felt renewed; like my battery juices had run low and this practice recharged me.

My body had it’s own epiphany. To be frank, I wasn’t in the mood for exercise of any type yesterday. Mother Nature’s monthly gift reared it’s head in the form of gut-wrenching cramps and back ache; as it always does. I’m always wary of doing anything extraneous because I’m afraid to add on to my symptoms. Yet, yesterday’s practice proved to me that what the experts say about pushing through and just doing it, cures all ailments.

From here on out I’ll adhere to Newton’s First Law of Motion: a body in motion stays in motion, while a body at rest stays at rest. That’s all the motivation my limbs need to greet this miracle of a world with a “Namaste” and a smile.

黛安娜  다이아나  ഡയാന

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