Run 10K Feed 10 Review

So last Sunday I ran 6.2 miles for the first time. More than a roller coaster of emotions; it was a roller coaster of grit and will. Here’s a list of my initial thoughts:

  • The course was flat;which made me as happy as a baby.
  • I actually arrived in time to warm up; another plus in my book.
  • All runners received Gapfit headbands that covered the ears; very necessary as the breeze from the river was chilly at 7 in the A.M.
  • I stopped for water @ miles 3 and 4 and had no other breaks in my run. I was stupidly happy over that achievement 🙂
  • At the 5K mark I was waning after 3 miles of feeling good. And then came the turn to head back to the starting line, and my legs felt the second wind. (The actual wind was also blowing toward me; but I kept on pushing.)
  • My hardest miles were 3 and 4. Surprisingly though, miles 5 and 6.2 were my fastest splits.
  • And of course, I booked it for the finish line, pretending I was a gazelle flying through the Serengeti in the stampede scene of The Lion King. Yup, that’s what I was thinking right then and there!
  • My official time was 1:03. I was beaming. I was hoping for an even 60 minutes; but I’m still over the moon with what my legs achieved.
  • At the finish line, volunteers handed camel colored wood bead bracelets with a charm that read “Feed 1.”

I stretched; fueled w/ a 1/4 bagel, banana, ZICO mango flavor, and a green juice from a juice truck nearby. Just as I was getting ready to head back home, Women’s Health surprised us with a yoga session (and free yoga mat). Can I just say that my hamstrings and glutes were screaming for attention and boy did they get it. The release was just what my muscles needed and I’m grateful that the organizers offered such a great service to support the runners.

What I loved most about my run was that each kilometer represented a meal to feed the hungry. I love running with a purpose and what greater purpose is there in life than to share a bit of the privileges and blessings you have with others? Charity runs are so rewarding; both for the runner and the receiver.

I can’t wait to challenge my next run of the fall season.

黛安娜  다이아나  ഡയാന

Tattoo of Accomplishment & Bead Bracelet

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