Going Vegan…Again

I heard a sermon on Sunday that got the wheels in my head turning. Yes, it was fashioned to persuade non-lent takers to partake in the Lenten season. And yes, it had all the lore and awe of the prophets’ dedication and remembrance of the Lord. Yet, what struck me was the question the deacon posed: what are you giving up for lent? At first, I smirked; I had this lent business in the bag. I mean where else does a vegetarian laud over one’s will power and dedication to a cause that seems unsurmountable to the layman carnivore? But, I had a second thought: what could I possibly give up? An addiction, a tendency, something I held dear. As the deacon listed all the wiles and temptations we should stay away from, I realized that in order to truly understand even .000001% of the passion on the cross, sacrifice, however small, was necessary. We spiritually cleanse when we let go of all our worldly addictions and look through a fresh set of eyes. My goal for this lenten season is to cleanse inside and out. Diet-wise, I’ll challenge being vegan for lent; while hopefully gaining a novel perspective on life.


One if my meals this week.


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