Bento for Kids

I had a sleepover at my niece’s last night. We read books, made up stories about shepherd boys and kings, practiced math and snuggled together in bed.

I love my alone time with her; her zest for life cannot be beat. I look into her deep brown eyes sparkling with excitement and can’t help but fall in love over and over again.

She’s a bit picky about eating, but if I tell her it’s healthy food that will make her grow into a big girl;  she’ll snap it up in a heartbeat.

Here’s what my silly goose and I made for her dinner last night:

Steamed broccoli for the forest
Rice with salt for the snow covered hill
Carrot flowers
Egg (tamagoyaki style) for the road


We had loads of fun pretending to be animals that ate vegetation; like being an elephant or a giraffe that eats trees; birds that eat parts of flowers; cows and sheep that eat grass. She giggled her way to a full stomach and for that, I was grateful.

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