Creation #103 Scallion Pancakes

Sometimes I have a hankering to try out original recipes and tweak them into healthier versions later on. Today, I couldn’t resist trying my hand at making Scallion Pancakes as per the recipe seen here. Take a look and see if you’re inspired. It tasted good to me, but then again, I’m biased to all forms of dough and bread.

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Mental Monday

Though I’d like to say that I’m gung-ho about fitness every day of the week; every time Monday rolls around, my head sings a different tune.  Maybe its because the start of the work week brings responsibilities to see through and to-do lists to check off, but whatever the case I have a really bad aversion to get psyched about moving around on Mondays.

So its at times like these I rely on the support and motivation of others.  One of my go to resources is of course the talented and intellectual pair of trainers that make up ToneItUp. Their “Motivation Monday” newsletters spark an interest in me to just get by body up and moving.  Their videos and at home DVDs make it easy for anyone to follow along and complete a workout with noticing the passage of time.

Fitness magazines and their corresponding websites help a bunch also.  I use whatever source out there to stimulate my mind and turn on the fitness ready mode. Some days are easier than others; for me, the weather plays a big role in this as well (If its sunny, I’m more likely to warm up to the idea of a run or a toning wkout). Today is a foggy day here, but I’m making do with exercising indoors in my toasty room.  Hope everyone out there finds a way to get their workouts in, whether you are battling for it or not.

Day 5 of 25 Days of Lenten Fitness: Yoga, TIU Shape and Tone DVD, #Runstreak for 30 min.




A Stewy Sunday; Creation #102

After a vigorous and brisk one and a half hour bike ride, I decided to prepare my week’s meal.  Taking stock of all the vegetables in my fridge, I decided to make a vegetable stew.  Who knew that spending half an hour chopping vegetables could be relaxing and therapeutic? All the stress I had accumulated from a busy Sunday at church just melted into the soothing sound of knife on cutting board.  Really, I would recommend this practice to anyone looking to relieve stress.

So without further ado here’s a composite of my cooking potential, lol:

1. Chop the vegetables into 1 inch pieces.


Onion, Garlic, Ginger chopped

Squash, Tomato, Celery chopped

Sweet Potato, Carrot, Bell Pepper, Daikon and Mushroom chopped

2. Add Onions to Oil and start sweating it down.

3. Add Garlic and Ginger and wait for it to caramelize. To this medley, add red chili powder, turmeric and salt so that the oil can steep the flavors out of the spices. Cook for 1 minute.

4. Add Squash, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Daikon, Bell Pepper, Mushrooms, Celery, and Tomato in that order. Let everything sweat down. It takes about 7-10 minutes.


5. Meanwhile, I had soaked 2 cups of Moong Beans in water and let it cook for 30 min. I then added the half-cooked beans to the stew pot.

6. Next step was to add water, enough to cover all the ingredients. Then I let it come to a boil and simmered the stew for 30 min. And so, I had a feast! Of course, I added pepper, salt, dried oregano and dried thyme to kick the flavor up a notch. But, I have to say there was a definite spicy kick after you swallowed the soup, one that is only drawn out when you fry the chili powder in oil.

7. I also steamed some corn while I boiled the beans, which made for a nice side dish!

Garnished w/ black pepper and salt.

8. To finish everything off, I added Oven-Dried Tomatoes to the soup. I had cut up 4 tomatoes and dried them in the over for 3 hrs. @ 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  Boy, does it pack a flavor punch!  Can’t wait to have my lunches this week!

Day 4 of 25 Days of Lenten Fitness: Yoga for 17 min., Biking for 1.5hrs., #Runstreak 1 mile


December Determinations

This December, I’m taking it upon myself to challenge myself to new heights.  I’m trying to look at everything in a positive light and see where that road takes me.  I’m really not a resolution type of person, but once I come to a certain decision I tend to stick to it for better or for worse.  Lists are not my best friends by any means, but for some odd reason if I add a deadline or constrain myself to a set period of time, I can usually stick to my goals and accomplish them all.

So, here goes. It might be a stretch, but I’m going to try to adhere to my personal goals.

1. Run everyday.  After reading about the Running World Runstreak, I’ve decided to challenge myself with it as well.  As long as I run at least 1 mile a day, I can keep the streak alive.  I’m not a fast runner by any means, but as my glutes, hamstrings, knees and feet carry me past minutes and miles, I can’t help but keep up with the practice that my body so loves to partake in.  That’s not to say my mind is in total agreement.  Yet, it comes around as well when the endorphin high after a run sets in and my cheeks burn with the rouge of excitement. Keep Reading

Morning Musings…Gearing up for the Lenten Season

ImageGlancing out of my window and what do I see? Blue, blue skies.

It’s December and, for me, that means Lent! I remember when the idea of abstaining from meat and eggs used to make me cringe and wish that time machines were real so that I could joyfully skip those torturous days.  Fast forward to 2011 where I’m now a vegetarian and semi-vegan (if such a thing exists), these worries cannot haunt me anymore.

Thus, I’ve taken it upon myself to commit to a different type of Lent; one that does not eschew but permits. If there was ever a word to describe something I vigorously disdain it would be “Yoga.”  Sure I’ve practiced a few poses here and there; grasped the essence of meditation and the movement of the breath; but I could never really get into the craze. Keep Reading

To new beginnings.

At last, I have forayed onto a venture I’ve been dreaming about for some time…to have my inner thoughts immortalized in the history of the world wide web (okay, I’ll admit that’s a tad dramatic even for me).  I hope to use this blog to record where I’m at in this moment of life.  You see what provoked me was that I realized that I had come a long way from the indestructible, unchangeable 16-year-old teen to a somewhat mature, “older teen” in her early twenties.

Throughout high school and college I never felt like I was changing or adapting to my new surroundings.  Sure, I met new people; learned new things; took part in once in a lifetime opportunities, but I functioned like a 16 yr. old in an older girl’s body.  I would witness my friends and classmates make life-changing decisions, and I would literally be stunned. I was like, “Aren’t they too young for marriage, kids, the whole kit-and-caboodle?” I felt like the odd one out. No one seemed to be in the same state of mind that I was in. Everyone was moving on in life, and just accepting the obvious changes that came their way.

But I was different. I couldn’t wrap my head around this “growing-up” business.  Change was like a new strain of bacteria trying to invade my body; but my white blood cells were not going to give up without a fight.  I’ve resisted change for as long as I can remember.  But, it’s always been an uphill battle.  Sometimes I emerged victorious, other times I would be left tasting the metallic bitterness of defeat. Keep Reading