Run Pain vs Barre Pain

I picked up the May 2013 issue of Runner’s World magazine last week and read an interesting article (Hurts So Good by Marc Parent) on how runners fight through pain and still pursue the sport. (I couldn’t find the article online to link it to, so here’s a picture instead).

Intrigued, I asked myself if I did the same; and by golly, I do! For me running is a 99% mental 1% physical effort; and yet, I’m happy to lace up my sneakers and pound the sand, boardwalk, tar and reluctantly, pavement.

On the other hand, this rush of adrenaline and inspiration does not flow through my veins when I try to finish a barre or Figure 4 workout. I fervently abhor the numbness causing pain that courses through my glutes as I perform endless reps of first position squats along with other thigh blasting exercises.
Why can’t I motivate myself to finish one round of 20 reps when I have no problem psyching myself to run one more mile? It’s weird, but I don’t beat myself down when I can’t pulse my leg in the air for the allotted time, but you can bet I have a few choice words for myself if I resort to walking during the middle of a race!

I guess it all comes down to what a person perceives as fun. Running is fun for me, as I feel more in tune with the elements of nature around me. Performing countless exercises at first position is tedious, boring and arduous for me.

I thought all exercise pain was something I mindlessly pushed through; but there is a pain I will gladly accept and one I won’t. Though I’m certainly not ecstatic for future side pains, cramps, shin splints and tight hamstrings; I’m glad I’m a happy runner and hope to always be one 🙂